Thank you for visiting the official web site for "The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion" book. At this site you will be able to listen to two radio interviews, view photographs of the Superman series and its stars, hear audio clips and view video clips from the show, and read reviews of my book.

The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion details all 104 episodes of this classic television program, which are reviewed in depth. With your copy of the book you can take all the trivia quizzes, and thrill to each secret identity alert! Enjoy page after page of b&w and color photos/illustrations, and re-live favorite dialogue spoken by stars George Reeves, Jack Larson, Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates, John Hamilton, and Robert Shayne!

In addition, you can marvel at all the examples of super powers used, and see pages full of vintage George Reeves Superman souvenirs. Plus, learn interesting details about dozens and dozens of Superman guest stars, like Milton Frome, Billy Nelson, Herb Vigran, Gloria Talbot, and Ben Welden! There are even handy reference charts at the back of the book to help you identify which bad guys appeared in specific episodes, and which also reveal when Clark Kent or Superman used x-ray vision - it's all here, in 352 color-packed pages! If you are interested in owning and autographed and personalized copy of the book, plus a free audio CD that I have made, you can find them listed on EBAY Also, please find us on YouTube. And last but certainly not least, THANK YOU for remembering this wonderful television series and it’s star, George Reeves.

I am hereby dedicating this site to the surviving stars of this TV show: the lovely Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates, and everyone’s favorite cub reporter, Jack Larson.

I would love your feedback regarding the book, the series, or both. I will set up a page soon that showcases reader comments - just email them to me at elsitamia@aol.com if you have something to share. Thanks and God Bless!

-Peter S. Murano, author


There are 104 episodes to "The ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN" television show, and all are reviewed in this book. Each review contains the following features:

Plot Synopsis
Just that-a summary of the plot of each episode.

Each episode is rated using a ten-point scale, from most excellent (10) to most awful (0).

Screen Captures
Frames of some of the more memorable scenes and characters from that episode.

Trivia Test
Do you really know these episodes well? Here is your chance to find out. For each episode there are five trivia questions, some at a rather easy level, while others are more difficult. If you can correctly answer 4 or 5 of them each time, I'd say that you deserve a "Superman Medal of Merit" ("it brings merriment, mirth, and muscle"). Let's see, 104 episodes times 5 questions each…that's over 500 questions for you to answer!

Flying Sequences
I have read criticisms that the show featured monotonous recycling of the same stock flying footage over and over, and that this was often done to "pad" the episodes to a half hour each. I would state a qualified disagreement. While it is true that the later color shows offered little variety in terms of flying shots, the early black and white shows did provide an assortment of take-offs, flying footage, and landings. And I certainly disagree that the flying sequences were boring, monotonous, or of no interest.

Super Powers
This section of each review provides a detailed discussion regarding the precise super powers used, and whether they were used in the persona of Superman or of Clark Kent.

Memorable Lines
A collection of some of the episode's more memorable quotes. Of course, this is a highly subjective matter based on one's personal reaction to the show and its characters. But if Perry White looks directly at the camera and says something like, "People come and go around here all day and tell me NOTHING!" my job is made easier!

Secret Identity Alert
One person, two identities: this presents the opportunity for "revealing" situations and dialog to develop. This section of each review "exposes" those circumstances, which are often some of the more intriguing and enjoyable moments of the series. Lois Lane demonstrates a particular propensity to suspect that Clark Kent is Superman. Occasionally, events that tend to support her suspicions occur, in that Kent lets a comment slip here and there, or by his own actions he implicates himself!

One of the things I liked most about putting this book together was having the opportunity to view all of the episodes again, and to be able to comment on each show based on watching the episodes in sequence. I trust that you will enjoy reading my comments, written in the spirit of fun and reverence to the series and to George Reeves.

Supporting Cast
It is important to cite the other actors that appeared in each show, and occasionally there was an opportunity to make a statement or two about some of them. In addition, I thought it might be of interest to know who, of the immediate regular cast, was "missing in action" from any given show.

Direction/Writing Credits


Book review by Fred Hembeck of Peter Murano’s "The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion".

(Reproduced with Permission) May 9, 2006 -
Longtime readers of "the Fred Hembeck show" are no doubt aware of just how fond I am of The Adventures of Superman, the landmark fifties' television program that brought the man of steel to the tube for the first time, courtesy of actor George Reeves' iconic performance (and if there's any question about my admiration for that long-ago video venture, just read episode 46 again, and that'll dispel any doubts!). Fact is, seeing as how I love that show so very, very much, I could probably easily write an entire book about it!

Well, can't say as I've gotten around to that inviting little task quite yet, friends, but despair not, super-fans - a clever and talented fellow by the name of Peter S. Murano has stepped into the breach to offer up his very own contribution, an impressive tribute tome titled the George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion! This is one stunning piece of work, folks! Gorgeously printed on thick glossy stock - all the better to showcase the photos found on nearly every single one of its 352 pages - both the layout and typography design eschews any fancy tricks, but somehow, it's the very no-nonsense functionality of its approach that makes it one of the most inviting picture-heavy volumes I've ever perused! These expertly conceived visual aspects of the book are the work of the man who provided the text as well, proving author Murano to be a man of many talents. Any fan of the Reeves' show has but to hold a copy of this weighty volume in their hands just long enough for a quick flip through its pages, and (you should pardon the expression) shazam! - they're certain to succumb immediately to its many charms! Hey, I know I did!...

What exactly is this book, you might well be wondering by now? Well, I'll tell you what it isn't - it isn't the definitive backstage history of the trailblazing program, it isn't yet another investigation into the mysterious death of the show's star, and this isn't the place to find out much more than some rudimentary background facts about the character's comic book origins. While each of the aforementioned topics are touched on within, this book is essentially the observations of one man concerning each and every one of the adventures of superman’s 104 episode run. A simple premise, true, but as with everything, it's all in the execution. And super-fan Murano layers this skeletal blueprint with a host of unique touches.

While it's not surprising that the author devotes several pages to each show, it's the way he breaks each review down that makes his approach unique. After a concise yet illuminating plot recap (alongside a crisp screen capture of the episode's title card), Murano first offers his own personal rating (1-10, though he rightly never dips below a 6), followed by a short five question trivia test. This enables him to seamlessly work in some fun facts that otherwise might be overlooked in the remainder of his overview, and provide readers with a challenge at the same time. And best of all, the answers can be found at the very bottom of each trivia test's grey-tinted box, not way in the back of the book, or even upside down! Believe you me, given the hefty weight of the shiny stock, you don't want to be lifting this thing any more than you have to! Anyway, I've always found turning a book 180 degrees to find the correct answers to something a real annoyance, so all kudos to Pete for bypassing that approach! (sample question from "episode 5, The Monkey Mystery": what is the name of the monkey? A) Squeaky b) Mickey c) Pepe d) Crackers e) Cheeta. Do you know? Mull it over, and I'll get back to you with that answer later - and I promise: you won't have to turn your laptop on it's head, honest!...)

Following this, the author separately categorizes the quality and extent of each shows flying sequences, usage of our hero's various (and sometimes ridiculous - see: splitting into two individuals) super-powers, and how the "secret" of superman's secret identity fared in each story. As someone who's viewed these shows multiple times, I was surprised at how much I was still able to learn from the author's tally of these important - yet often taken for granted - aspects of the show!

Also included is a selection of memorable lines from each episode (from my favorite, "The Evil Three," comes this no-nonsense bon mot from the man of steel himself, "tell me where they are or I'll break every bone in your body!" ouch!), some general comments, a thorough list of each show's supporting cast, and, at the very end, a brief note as to which of the programs regulars was missing in action that particular week. I found this last survey especially intriguing because, upon recently viewing the first season's 26 episodes on DVD for the first time in over a decade, I noticed how not every show featured the full compliment of Lois, Jimmy, Perry, and Inspector Henderson backing up our caped buddy. Now, this isn't such a big deal with the latter three - they had several more seasons to strut their stuff - but I began to wonder about Phyllis Coates, the actress who so ably portrayed Lois Lane in the first season's 26 episodes. Well, no, she didn't, actually - thumbing through this book quickly, I soon learned she only appeared in 21 of them! A minor point perhaps, but to someone so steeped in the minutia of this show, a valuable one, and I commend author Murano for including it!

Each show is illustrated with several photos, most of which appear to be well-chosen (and expertly reproduced) screen saves taken directly from video sources, with the black and white episode pictures printed in black and white, and the color ones in (naturally) color. The photos are mostly on the smallish side - this isn't a tome boasting full page portraits - but the way they're worked in alongside the text is done in such a complementary manner, there's really no reason to quibble about their size.

Their are several special sections that bookend the mid-portion's extensive episode guides, my favorite of which has to be the near twenty pages devoted to the various guest stars and recurring supporting actors who appeared over the length of the series run. Featuring pictures of most (but not all) of these familiar faces, each thespian merits a short write-up concerning their overall career, as well as their various appearances on the Superman show. Herb Vigran, Dabbs Greer, Sterling Holloway, Dan Seymour - even celebrated single-timers like Chuck Connors and Hugh Beaumont are given their just due! And the author throws in a bit of personal color when he lines up photos of recurring actors Sid Tomack and George Chandler, recalling the confusion that their oh-so-similar visages caused him as a small child.

Funny thing is, this never, ever occurred to me, despite the obvious evidence as presented by our author. That's no doubt due to a personal anecdote of my very own: George Chandler was probably the first supporting actor (as opposed to a star type like, say, Jackie Gleason) that I ever recognized from one show on over to another. Chandler had a regular role on Lassie during the late fifties - which was a program I watched even before getting involved with The Adventures of Superman - and when Chandler appeared with the man of steel, I knew immediately that he was the guy from Lassie due to his distinctive, ever-so-slightly high pitched voice! Tomack, on the other hand, sounded pretty much like your typical big-city thug, so, despite their looks, for me there was absolutely no mixing them up once they opened their mouths! But hey, that was just me, y'know? (maybe I should write my own book after all, huh?...)

A couple of confessions. First off, I haven't actually read this entire book yet, but I have a very good reason for this seeming negligence. I've only gotten so far as midway through the second season, which is exactly where I am in rewatching the recently released DVDs, y'see. Inasmuch it looks as if the entire series will be out on DVD before the year is over, my plan is to consult Peter's book after watching each episode on my TV screen - this is billed as a "companion", after all! No need to discover some long-forgotten plot twist via Peter's recap when the actual episode is so easily available for my viewing pleasure! But I can't think of a more delightful way to top off the small screen experience than consulting Mr. M's cogent reactions immediately after the end credits of each of the next 60 or so shows roll! Believe me when I say I've read enough of this book to know I'm in for a treat!...

Secondly, it should be noted that Peter Murano blindly contacted me out of the ether of the internet, and offered me a complimentary copy of his superman book. Now generally, I'm wary of freebies, as I'm uncomfortable at being somehow beholden to my benefactors - especially if what they send me is no great shakes. But I figured, hey, it's a Superman book - how bad could it be? I figured I'd write a few words about it over in my Fred Sez blog, point folks towards it with a quick plug, and everybody'd be happy.

Then I actually received the book, and it so surpassed my initial expectations that I just knew I had to give it the Super-Treatment over here on "The Fred Hembeck Show," home of my own enthusiastic Reeves' writings. So no, I didn't actually plunk down the $39.95 cover price, but after seeing the goods, I wouldn't have any qualms whatsoever about strongly advising any other Adventures of Superman aficionado from doing so! (there's probably postage and such involved, but all the ordering details you'll need to know can be found here, at the George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion website - go! Order! And tell 'em Fred sent ya!...)

No, this isn't the last word on the show by any means, but it is a more than worthy addition to any george reeves (and/or superman) fan's library!

(Oh, and about that monkey? The answer is C) Pepe, of course. One of the wrong choices, Crackers, was used memorably for an evil clown in a later episode - and by me in direct tribute to the show as the gaily festooned harbinger of buffoonish death in the nigh infamous Fred Hembeck destroys the Marvel Universe! Y'know, now that I think of it, a monkey named Pepe mowing down the Marvel brigade might've worked just as nicely...)

Hembeck.com - go there or be square! Copyright 2006 Fred Hembeck

Book review by Caroline Miniscule of Peter Murano’s "The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion".

Over the past couple of years, all of the episodes of George Reeve's The Adventures of Superman have been released on DVD.

This is the perfect time, therefore, to also acquire a copy of Peter Murano's The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion. A somewhat unwieldy title, but the book is a must-have for any Superman fan.

This Companion has what every such book should have, an inexhaustible fount of material on the most esoteric of Adventures of Superman trivia:

  • * ratings of each episode on a ten-point scale
  • * 5 trivia questions for each episode
  • * flying sequences in each episode - stock or new?
  • * super powers used in each episode
  • * memorable lines in each episode
  • * secret identity alerts
  • * supporting cast notes for each episode
  • * editorial comments on each episode

Author Peter Murano has put together one of the most complete and informative television series companion books ever written. It's all here in 352 8X11 pages. And, it's all on heavy stock, glossy white paper so that the photos - b& w for the first seasons, all in color for the color seasons - really jump out at you. This high quality paper does bump up the price, to $39, but it's such a gorgeous looking volume, and will stand up to such heavy use, that it's well worth it.

Murano's writing is much like that of Bill Warren in Keep Watching the Skies, it's very personal. Each episode is discussed - in detail - with comments about how he felt about each scene, his favorite lines, etc. And that's what makes this book so enjoyable - you get to compare his views to your own, and since he's provided his email and would love to hear from readers, you can get into a good discussion about your favorite episodes.

As for myself, I have always liked the first season, which starred Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane, and which were a bit more adult and 'darker' in tone, although certainly several of the Noel Neill episodes are classics as well.

If you're a fan of Superman in general, and George Reeve's characterization in particular, you will enjoy having this book. Show it to a few fans - if any - of Superman Returns and they'll realize how it should be done!

All text © 2007 The Thunder Child unless otherwise credited.

Book review by Ron Gross of Peter Murano’s "The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion".

I must admit to having felt honored when I was asked by Peter Murano to write a review of his excellent book The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion. Until recently, my association with classic TV had been limited to Lost in Space in the form of various projects and contributions, but the fact is that my fascination with TAOS actually predated any other boyhood interests.

If you're a fan of Superman in general, and George Reeve's characterization in particular, you will enjoy having this book. Show it to a few fans - if any - of Superman Returns and they'll realize how it should be done! I distinctly recall the show being aired by WGN-TV in Chicago seven days a week during the early to mid '60's, with the week day time slot being 4:00PM. Although I was also an avid Chicago Cubs fan, that loyalty would always be suspended if a game were to run late on any given day and interfere with my daily afternoon Superman fix. Quite simply, this was a show that made an indelible impression on me as a young man, due in large part to George Reeves' powerful portrayal of the Man of Steel.

Peter Murano's written contribution to the world of TAOS is impressive at first glance, and manages to maintain that status upon close scrutiny. The striking cover illustration by fellow artist Randy Garrett depicting a mature, latter-season Superman is the first indication that this work is indeed something special. A quick scan of the 352 pages that follow reveals a carefully crafted and thoroughly researched chronicle of the classic series, complete with a generous number of still color images obtained via video capture.

Unlike Gary Grossman's earlier effort Serial to Cereal, which assumed essentially a season-by-season approach, Peter analyzes each episode individually while including special features such as "trivia test," "memorable lines," and "secret identity alert." The design of the book is novel and inviting, and coupled with the content, it creates a scenario where one becomes quite unwilling to put it down. Another notable feature is the thorough documentation of guest stars and guest villains, including other famous roles that they had played or would claim in later years. One notable omission, however, involved The Golden Vulture guest star Vic Perrin's most memorable later role: that of the Control Voice of the classic series The Outer Limits.

That one oversight aside, however, I can truthfully say that this book should find its way into the home of every TAOS fan, particularly as a companion to the recently released DVD sets by Warner Home Video. The ability to look up details about individual episodes including the character actors is an invaluable tool, and one that makes viewing these classics once again that much more enjoyable. I only wish that George could know what staying power his unforgettable character has had, coupled with a positive influence on so many that becomes difficult to describe. Several of us have felt compelled to honor him with artistic projects and tributes of various types, and Peter Murano's example in the form of a literary contribution is, quite simply, a "must have."

Ron Gross July, 2006


Well Pete, Your book arrived today and it blew me away. It's beautiful! Not only are the colors just right on the cover, the color is wonderful throughout the volume. Man! Your printer did a terrific job. I've only let myself flip through the pages a little because I don't want to get sidetracked from your Christmas drawing that I need to work on tonight. The temptation is to make a pot of coffee and stretch out in my recliner and savor each page, but that's going to have to wait for the weekend.

Congratulations, Pete. You've produced something to be proud of.






I was fortunate to make Peter S. Murano’s acquaintance a couple of years ago and he emailed a sample section from a new book that he was in the process of writing. I was quite impressed with what I saw and told him so and hoped that he would see it through to completion and publication. That day has arrived.

I recently received a copy of “The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion” and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Mr. Murano has obviously done his homework. I cannot imagine the amount of time he has spent researching and reviewing this TV series. His knowledge of the scripts, re-appearance of stock footage, background score, trivia, props, and wardrobe (right down to the use of a certain hat in two different episodes) is unsurpassed.

There are hundreds of black & white and color photos throughout the book. Most are screen shots from the episodes themselves and serve to underscore the text about each episode, but many others are dedicated to items in the collectibles market, publicity shots, etc. I thought that I had seen every publicity photo from the show that ever existed, but in the lower left-hand corner of page 342 is one that I’ve never glimpsed before. Amazing!

If you plan on purchasing the DVDs of the show that are currently being released or even if you’ve collected the episodes on video tape and have watched them many times, this book will enhance your viewing experience immeasurably. Mr. Murano is a true fan of the show and his respectful treatment of it is evident in an exhaustive, vibrant, and significant piece of work that is just plain fun to read. No George Reeves or Superman collection is complete without it.

Thanks Peter!

Just got your book (and autographed also)today from the ebay sale and it is ABSOLUTELY the best of the books about the Adventures Of Superman TV show.You have put more details about each episode, more about the supporting actors/actresses and lots of pictures, in this book than Gary Grossman's great book and Michael Bifulco's companion book. You did a SUPER job in getting this book done. As a baby boomer also, I remember sitting in front of our TV watching this great show. I have about 40 or 50 episodes taped on VHS from reruns,and a 4 tape, best of set, with the early Superman cartoons, included, of the show and am very exited that it is now coming out on DVD (waiting for the 2nd season DVD set)with bonus material !!!! Christopher Reeve played a good movie Superman, but a mousy Clark. George Reeves IS Superman and Clark Kent, he played both with perfection, and class that nobody else can touch. He didn't know by his playing this part, he would be so loved and admired by so many "baby boomers" so many years later. Again a super great job, on a excellent book.
Robert Morin

I am glad that there are others out there that have enjoyed George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman. I used to record the television episode audio on a small audio cassette recorder when I was a kid, well before the invention of the VCR. At some point, the show was even being aired until it came back on TVLAND. I taped the marathon and even made CD-R's of the audio a few years ago to be able to listen to in the car on a trip seeing you can't watch TV and drive. My hats off to you for creating such a complete companion to the series that has been a long time coming in a DVD box set. I feel lucky to be included in that select group that cannot get enough of those 104 episodes.

What a great book. I wanted to tie a towel around my neck and fly around the yard just like I did 40 years ago. This brought back a wonderful time when heroes were good and decent. I have just purchased the first season of Superman on DVD and this is the perfect companion. Kudos to Peter Murano. I can tell this was a labor of love for him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who was a fan of the show. "GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST", it's a winner!
Ron Zahler
St. Peters, MO

This book comes highly recommended. It is packed full of great information and wonderful pictures. Mr. Murano's hard work truly shows throughout the book. I also enjoy the "quotes" from the shows and the trivia questions. Even if you think you know the show inside and out, you are probably going to learn something new after reading the book.
Don Wurzelbacher

Dear Peter:

I’ve just finished a careful reading of the book—it took a few days to do so because of the size of the tome—and I adored it! Closest thing to re-watching all the episodes without spending the weeks that endeavor entails. The many excellent photos you’ve used for each episode help tremendously in clicking on the “video rerun” section of my brain. Other books about the series have much to offer but I admit that often I just can’t remember exactly which episode contained just which bad guy or which “best leap” out of the Planet store room window. Your photos overcome that problem with a bang!

A few small typos here or there are a minor concern, not to worry. You are an easy grader for some of the later episodes. (Subjective, of course.) But then again, as a retired New York City school teacher (for 33 years) I know that one day’s “B” is another day’s “D” depending on my mood that day!

Reeves greatest asset to me was the visceral reaction I always had to his acting. Whether as Kent or Superman he always played it straight, never played down to the material (which must NOT have been easy—sorry, Prof. Pepperwinkle.) As a kid I felt safe watching him. I felt that all was well with the world. When I got older and realized that the latter just ain’t so, I still felt great comfort watching the series because I knew that Reeves would be there, week after week, doing what was right and proving that the need for heroes plays a significant part in maintaining one’s sanity in an often insane world. There were better actors than Reeves, there were more famous actors than Reeves, but very few who have left a lasting impression for so many for so long. The gut reaction to his portrayal is palpable.

Hope you’ve heard some positive feedback from your readers. Your book will enjoyed by me for years to come and I’ll be flipping through those pages and reliving those wonderful TV shows (with your help) for years to come.

Best wishes,
Ed Greenbaum

A FANTASTIC companion to go with the new and upcoming DVD Box Sets or even if you have all the episodes already. It's a great fun book and I highly recommend it, in a big way. If you are a fan of the show, you won't want to miss this GEM.
Lou Koza - 11/18/05

Of all the actors who have played Superman, I believe George was the most talented. Not only was he a theatrically trained actor, but he was an accomplished fencer, boxer, wrestler, football player, pianist, guitarist. He was fluent in Spanish and had a melodic baritone-tenor singing voice as well. His father-like charisma and charm were an inspiration to many of us baby-boomers and to a whole new generation. His generosity of spirit and giving to the less fortunate, to charity, particularly to Myasthenia Gravis, gives us an inspiration of what it means to be loving. His role in Superman was taken with great seriousness, and he showed great responsibility and citizenship in protecting the children from endangering themselves as a result of watching the show. George set the standard by which all others played the Man of Steel (are compared).
Alvin N. Chu

Dear Pete,

I returned today from a 3-day business trip to find your package waiting for me. I eagerly opened it up, and found an incredible gem inside. I've spent the past 2 hours with the book, truly unable to put it down. What a marvelous labor of love! Of course, I'm thoroughly enjoying all the great photos (so many in color!) and the tons of information, but what I love most of all is that you somehow managed to capture the exhilaration, joy and wonderment that all of us experienced when, as youngsters, we first fell in love with The Adventures of Superman and the wonderful actors who made the impossible seem so believable. Other books have told the behind-the-scenes stories of the series, but yours is the one for fans who love the show for the scenes themselves and who want to relive the excitement they experienced on encountering each episode for the first time. You should be *so* proud of this amazing work. I can't begin to imagine how much work must have gone into creating it. Bravo!!

I've got to return to my reading now. :) I believe that George Reeves would have been enormously pleased with your book. Let's hope he's seeing it from a heavenly perch.

Again: Bravo!!

Peter - WONDERFUL Book! (And FUN, too!) I have other books on George Reeves and The Adventures of Superman and have enjoyed them all. You give another fresh approach to these subjects. Thanks ever so much! –Craig

This book is SUPERb!! I just received it today and am only putting it down long enough to send in my comment! This 51 year old fan is impressed with the effort that went into this book and is happy to add this edition to my Superman TV series collection. - Charlie Kopishke

I just received the book - I purchased it as a Christmas present for myself :-) and it is absolutely fantastic!!!
I can't get over the beautiful cover with the color painting of George Reeves as Superman. It looks so realistic it's as if he cold fly off the book and into reality.
It readily apparent that the book is a labor of love. Thanks to Peter for taking the time to research it and put it together so we would have this historical document!
The pages are slick and of heavy stock and the photos rich, numerous and nicely printed.
It also comes with something only good books come with - A Table of Contents!
There's nothing more I can add right now since I've just started reading it. Winter may be long and cold, but I'll be warm inside with this book and my AOS DVDs!
Thanks, Peter!
Marcia H. Lemmon

I wanted to let you know...and to thank YOU, for making the SUPERMAN book available!! I received it in my doorway today!!! It is absolutely FABULOUS...the best of the best! This book COMMANDS my attention for the REST of tonight...and tomorrow night....and many nights to come!!!
-Ross Klein

Comment by Larry Ward borrowed from The Friendly ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN Discussion Board: Lou, as Jack Larson said, "Pete has done a truly amazing job." I agree with Jack. When Noel received her copy she just could not put it down. It's another wonderful addition to our growing collection of TAOS-related material.

I received your book, and it is fabulous! An excellent collection of pictures, information, and episode summaries. You can be proud of this volume. I can't imagine the time and effort that went into it. Congratulations.

What a great year it's been for us George fans. First the WB DVD release and now Peter's book. By all accounts it sounds like a "must have" for the fans. How good is it to be able to tell family of some TAOS merchandise for the Christmas wish list!!!

I have every book written on The Adventures Of Superman with George Reeves. Without a doubt Pete Murano's book is by far the best in every aspect! All i can say is that Pete did a SUPER job with this book, because like George Reeves said in the episode titled "No Holds Barred" THE ONLY REAL MAGIC IS THE MAGIC OF KNOWLEDGE - and Pete certainly put a wealth of knowledge in his George Reeves Adventures Of Superman book here! Great job Pete and thanks for a SUPER book on George Reeves and The Adventures Of Superman finally
! - Sincerely Tony :)

Hi Peter, Sorry, I've been too busy reading your book to sit down and let you know that I received it. It's just a great book! I especially like the 'secret identity alerts' and the 'comments' sections. It's so fun to read someone else's thoughts about the show, George, and the other actors. Your enthusiasm, enjoyment and admiration shines through.

I watched the show every afternoon in the early 60's, and haven't seen it since, until I found Season 1, and then 2 in the store this Dec. and Jan. It's been like returning to an old friend. I remember all the episodes. Now I can't wait until the other seasons come out, soon, I hope! Your book lets me know that I remember all of the other epidsodes too. I found myself craving much more information about the show, the actors, and especially George Reeves, and it's been so fun to read about them through your book.

I noticed too, as you pointed out, that most fans are men. I wonder why that is? I loved the show, but never got into the 'flying around the house with a cape' sort of thing. I most fondly remember the 'relationship' episodes or scenes. When I now look at the show through adult eyes, I most enjoy George Reeves' Clark Kent portrayal, (not the overly wimpy comic book or movie version, which has always iritated me), and his chemistry with all the other characters was incredible. Superman was a pretty straightforward character, but Clark Kent has many nuances, and he really played that well.

Anyway, now to the CD. Thank you so much for putting that together, and looking at another aspect of Superman; and it made me think about music in general. First of all, the theme from Tom Bosley's show/Anna Karenina is absolutely fantastic. That track warrents cranking up the volume and putting it on 'repeat'. WOW! It has a 'fallen hero' sound and feeling to it. Powerful, majestic, yet sad. The chimes are just great. Actually, they remind me of a piece we played in high school band, "Chorale", don't remember the composer, where the end of the piece was a powerful booming band, coming to a full rest/stop, and the chimes ringing out It had absolutely given me goosebumps.

Hearing the Superman theme always gave me a thrill of anticipation, but this time I listened more carefully to it. The flowing harp in the beginning is great, and I love the lower bass march beneath the melody. What a beautiful, majestic piece that is. As is the Captain Kangaroo theme. I knew right away what that song was, but then I almost started to second guess myself, as I never realized what a pretty peice that was.

Regarding classical music in general, one of my favorite records when I was a teenager was called '50 of the Greatest Masterpieces' or something like that. In essence, it was about one minute snippets of the main melody line from 50 famous classical pieces. It was a great way to know and appreciate the variety of classical melodies. I also realized how frequently these melodies are used. I've often recognized them as background music in cartoons and commercials.

And lastly, I agree how important music is to a movie, etc. In particular, I remember the first time I watched the movie, 'Somewhere in Time'. As I heard the theme start to play, I remember that I told myself that I knew I was going to love this movie. It is the most beautiful music I have heard in a movie, and I was right-it is one of my favorite movies. The music made the movie. Years before that, I had also really liked the theme music from 'Born Free', very flowing and and majestic. Unfortunately, that theme eventually came out as a song with words. The words were like lead weights on each of the notes, and it just lost its flowing sound. Interestingly enough, I eventually found out both themes were written by the same composer, John Berry.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts regarding music. Pretty long, here.

Thank you for putting so much time and work into writing this book--I've enjoyed it so much!
Lynnette Hanzal

Just received your book and am delighted. A wonderful effort, lovingly put together, and beautifully executed. It’s a real treat for both the die-hard and casual fan. I write a regular column for Carl Glass’s web page where I discuss a separate episode each month and tie-in various aspects of my own life and growing up in the 1950s with the show. Your book will be a handy reference for me. All good luck with what is more than just a book but a labor of obvious love.
Bruce Dettman

Wonderful Book; High Quality; Excellent Photos; Great Background Information; This is, by far, the best book on George Reeves/Superman and his supporting cast - Noel, Phyllis, Jack, John & Robert - book was written by fan of the show in the most loving fashion. I am glad that I purchased this book. Thank You. Edward L. Osler, Florida

Dear Peter Murano,
Just received your book and am enjoying it immensely. The material is well presented on quality stock and I'm finding it hard to put down - but I do have to eat. Great job. Thanks,
Bill Schmeelk

Peter, What a joy your book is. I just received my copy today. So many wonderful things for everyone: pictures, summaries of episodes, and some surprises thrown in. For the first time reader wanting to know about "The Adventures Of Superman", as well as the serious fan, this book is a must. I would encourage anyone looking for information on this show to buy this book. There is warmth, humor, emotion, and love, presented by the author to us, the fans. Truly, Peter is one of us, and in the book it comes through. Thank you Peter for a wonderful book. I highly recommend it!
Thom Hamilton

Received my copy of " The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion Book" today. All I can say is, I tip my hat to Peter Murano. This was an incredible effort on Pete's part! The book is very enjoyable, easy to read, and loaded with tons of pictures. This book will be a great addition to anyone's collection. Don't miss the boat on this!

As an Australian fan of George Reeves, I can only express my complete admiration at the work Pete has produced. My first reaction was one of awe at the numerous colour images throughout the book. Never have I seen the show captured so comprehensively in such an array of photos. That alone makes the publication unique. However, once I had the opportunity to focus on the text, I realised how much I loved the format chosen by Pete. The synopsis of each episode, the flying effects used, the Super Powers demonstrated - and finally the author's Comments on the piece, told from the perspective of both a researcher and fan. There is nothing I can think of that's been omitted. This milestone book has very quickly taken pride of place in my collection!
Terry Ryan
Sydney Australia

You did a really great job – research, photos, design, etc are all superb!
I especially liked all the detail you paid to the character actors, references from
previous episodes, trivia, comments, etc., this is the BEST book ever on The Adventures of Superman, and you can quote me!
-Danny Fuchs, “America’s Foremost Superman Collector”

Pete's book IS a great read, and I say that knowing I may never finish it. That's only because he's written so much. He includes all the kinds of things we like to talk about here, and he brings his own personality into his analyses - not in an overbearing way, but in a manner that conveys both his initial wonder with the series up through the considerable thought he's given it as an adult. I'm greatly enjoying the music CD, which arrived in yesterday's mail. I'm glad to post on the board, and am formulating my comments now as I wait to reach an optimum level of caffeination. Thanks so much for sending the CD and for the obvious care, effort and joy you and your wife brought to its production.

Most of us here are old enough to remember records: LPs, 45s, and maybe even some 78s in our early childhood. Do you remember getting together with a good friend or two for the sole purpose of LISTENING to records?!? And maybe a bit of music-related conversation in between? Remember dropping the needle on a favorite section of music that you wanted your friends to hear, or challenging them to name that tune?
Peter Murano's "Classical Music and Superman" CD is quite evocative of those days, with perhaps ever the lightest suggestion of Leonard Bernstein's children's concerts thrown in. The disc presents two friends - Peter and his wife - discussing the influence of classical music on our favorite TV show and, of course, playing records! - actual vinyl in a few cases, more often digital renditions.
The "discussion" cuts on the disc are quite informal and seem unscripted (though Pete has an agenda, for sure), and by CD's end, you will feel as if you've made some good friends in the Muranos. The musical offerings range from whimsical to thrilling to downright scary. Note that this is not a collection of TAOS music cues, although Pete plays a nice sprinkling of those. What Pete does is share his twin passions for classical music AND The Adventures of Superman, and he shows how the two are related. (BTW, our mild mannered author and musicologist actually breaks character and goes a little crazy during one of the discussions; I won't reveal the surprise, but check out Track 9!)
As with his book, "The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion", Peter on this disc brings fresh and original thinking to material that's been with us for a half a century, and he offers it in a gentle and friendly yet deeply researched way. I have been guilty on occasion of saying to friends that there's really not much new to learn about TAOS, and I am really glad that Pete Murano continues to prove me wrong.
I highly recommend this disc if you'd like a nice sampling of dramatic classical music, if you'd like a bit more background on Superman musical influences, or if you'd just enjoy getting to know the Muranos a little better.
-Alfred Walker

HI PETE: Can't wait to read your book ....I've been an fan of the TV show since I was a kid growing up in the 1950's......Listing to John Rothmann's show the other morning brought back some wonderful childhood memories... THANKS AGAIN ...JOHN TYLER

What a terrific book! It is such a fine tribute to George Reeves and the rest of the Superman cast. I enjoyed the book so much that I ordered a second copy for my son to have. Each episode is detailed extremely well in an interesting, easy to follow format. I also found the cd that came with the book discussing classical music and the Superman show quite informative and entertaining. As an elementary school music teacher in a public school system, I am constantly looking for innovative and unique ways to introduce classical music to my students; and in part thanks to the information discussed on the CD, I may incorporate some of the Superman classical soundtrack music in a future classroom presentation. And so whether you are just discovering The Adventures of Superman for the very first time, or like me, a "seasoned" baby boomer and veteran viewer of the Superman episodes, Peter Murano's George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion is a book that every Superman fan should own. Thanks, Peter for sharing your labor of love with us.
-Michael Modero

The book arrived today and I must confess I was a little anxious. I couldn't get the package opened fast enough and haven't put the book down since. That was 5 hours ago. What a great book !!!!!!!! It is everything you always wanted to know about Superman but didn't know who to ask. I love that it is just about George Reeves and not those really dumb other Superman movies. You did a wonderful job. This book is going to be a big hit. It is exactly what I was looking for and the exact type of book I envisioned. Super job on Superman.
-Joe Fagan

Dear Peter,

When Elsa called me and told me about your book I said to myself why didn't I know about it sooner? I received this wonderful gift this morning as I got to work. I've been reading and re-reading and thumbing through it all day. Peter, it is like I sat down and wrote this book myself, all of the memories of a young boy rushing home from school to watch the Adventures of Superman at 4 pm on my local station when channel 10, in Albany, NY. This book is my new George Reeves/Clark Kent/ Superman bible. Thank you so much. All of the information, the pictures the humor really makes this book a treasure.

I can't stop talking about it with my family, they keep saying dad enough we know how much you love superman please stop....it's about time a parent became an irritation to their kids... I would be thrilled to have a phone interview with you. Let's set a date and do a live phone interview the beginning of next week if this is alright with you. To me, George Reeves epitomized the man of steel, just a very likable personality... when he was on the screen he owned us. Getting back to the book, I am also thrilled to see all of the names of the folks that played the villains that we watched throughout the years not only in the Adventures of Superman, but other TV series as well. Again Peter, I want to thank you for the signed copy of your great book and I look forward to hearing from you... and thank Elsa for the phone call. I know I've gone on like a giggly teen, but I am a fifty year old father of two teen girls, who is very glad to have grown up in a time when people believed in "Truth, Justice, And The American Way"!

Best Wishes,
Lee Pecue

I've been a fan for all time. It's a shame that the investigation into George's death yielded absolutely nothing. But, yet, they still insist that it was a suicide. RIDICULOUS!!!! Your book is phenomenal. Others made George look like an "ass". Thanks from one of George's fans.

I did a search for George Reeves on eBay and found your book. It certainly caught my eye! I have purchased the first two seasons on DVD and plan to buy the other four when they come out this year. Your book is the perfect companion to those DVDs! I look forward to the DVDs AND your book!
-Dean V. Neubauer

Super book for a Super series. What a great companion to have while watching the recently released DVD's. Watch an episode, then learn in depth information and take the trivia test. Just great fun, and a must for any George Reeves fan. Peter is to be commended for this obvious labor of love. Thank you. -Jim Napoli, St. Louis

I am enjoying the GR book you autographed the music CD, which I listened to several times. I particularly enjoyed reading about the supporting actors. It was sad to notice how many died so young. Unlike the Columbia House collectors' series, the newly released Season 1 DVD has the unnarrated version of "Crime Wave"? Watching that poor man being crushed between the truck and loading dock was a real shocker. Feel free to use my name.......Matthew McCue

Dear Peter:
Thanks for the great inscription and photo insert for my birthday present from John Rothmann. I love your book. As John probably told you, when we were kids, we each had incredible collections of comic... we had tons of golden age and silver age up to 1960. When the comics went to 12 cents, I quit buying! We used to watch the TV show almost every night together. Your book is terrific! Any other books planned? You did some serious publishing and as my birthday gift, John was so proud to give it to me.
Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I love your book and thank you for that great inscription. If you're ever on KGO again, hopefully I will have returned to the city from L.A. and can be there to meet you.
Best personal regards,
-Roger Dorfman

Great book - just got the book today I just put the book down to write a short note and saying I love this book. I feel I am a kid again sitting down and watching superman on TV. Now I will get my DVD and watch some episodes of superman 54 years later and George Reeves is still the one and only superman. Thanks for the great work on the book and CD: thank you!

The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion Book by Peter Murano of Texas. This is an incredible look at the show only a true fan could express and readers to fully appreciate. Outstanding detail of episodes, the first to explore character guest star credits beyond just name recognition. Includes memorable lines, flying sequences, secret identity alerts, cars, apartments, assignments and much more. This book was in the works long before Warners started releasing the Adventures of Superman on DVD and with the release of both the book and the DVD's, the timing could not have been any better for Peter. Interesting to note is the Radio show style CD provided as a bonus with each book sold. Peter and his wife Elsa are a wonderful combo, giving insight and interesting facts about the series music scores and cues. My personal favorite was listening to the magnificent and energetic cues from The Golden Vulture. Listen for Peter's dead on impersonation of Peter Whitney's Captain McBain. Book also boasts another marvelous illustration by Randy Garrett. You'll not want to put this book down. You'll have it by your side while watching all your episodes. You'll take it everywhere. You'll keep it on your night table while asleep. You'll love it.

The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion arrived this evening and I must say, it truly is a "Superman Silver Mine" (or should I say a gold mine) of information. It's wonderful!! I've only had a moment to briefly look through this masterpiece, but I love what I've seen so far. This is certainly one book that will be opened again and again. I can now appreciate the amount of work you put into it and the final result is a beautiful book.

Thank you so much for this extraordinary piece of work and for your kind words inscribed inside. I'll be listening to the CD in the car on the way to work tomorrow. For once, I won't mind getting stuck in traffic. Best wishes, Mark

Rothmann Interview: I was interviewed by California radio personality Tom Rothman about my book based on The Adventures of Superman. He reminisces about the show and asks very interesting questions about George Reeves and his interpretation of the iconic hero. It runs about 35 minutes. Enjoy!

Flynn Interview: Following the Rothman interview, I was interviewed by Colorado radio host George Flynn on his show “Words of Freedom”. We discuss the actors who played all those wonderful characters. It runs about 29 minutes. Enjoy!

First Season Opening
This is the opening credits for the first season of The Adventures of Superman TV show. Notice how the U.S. flag only had 48 stars!

1957 Promo
This is a nice clip promoting the show. It contains scenes from several episodes, showcasing the many powers of the man of steel!

Superman’s Greatest Hits
Mr. X has put together this outstanding collage of George Reeves performing his own super-stunts.


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